!” Barrel Blast is the 13th level in Pac-Man World and the 2nd level in the Funhouse World. An animated map of the level 'Snow Barrel Blast' from Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. Enjoy :D Tags: forest, mountain, snow: Download: Donkey Kong Country - Snow Barrel Blast (Upper) Added: 2015-02-22 07:51:53 PM: Authors: Thehoundsquad: Type: Ripped Purpose: Background Description: This is the Layer 2 version, edit's version is Layer 3. It comes before Slipslide Ride. Map. The snow was rendered in a way that gave it a sense of depth. A DK Barrel has also been added near a flock of Neckies and a group of three Klaptraps. Pac-Man must use all his skills to complete this level. The farther the Kongs travel in the stage, the more a severe snowstorm develops, making it almost impossible to see. Enemies in the level include bouncing Kritters, Gnawties, and Manky Kongs. You will be in one barrel, then you must shoot diagonally down/right to another barrel, then up/right to another, such as in a V shape. Grab the DK barrel, and avoid hitting the Gnawtys in your path with it. {{#ev:youtube|loFRCsOB7Ak|560||http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loFRCsOB7Ak}} The demos cycle through four levels: Jungle Hijinxs, Misty Mine, Snow Barrel Blast, and Coral Capers. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The lengthy jump after grabbing the barrel is called a barrel boost. Like Carnival Night Zone Act 2, this level had its own entry on the Automated Help Line — and a shortcut which allowed most of the difficult sections to be easily skipped. You can use the Gnawtys at the beginning of the level to get the Rambi token at the start. From that barrel, shoot your way right again. The fourth world. At :21 you can shoot the barrels so fast that you will hit the bee, although this is difficult. Snow Barrel Blast combines poor visibility with barrel-shooting sequences requiring perfect timing, and a single miss resulting in instant death. The extended roll just after the barrel boost section can be somewhat difficult. This is the first of several snowy and icy stages. When you get in that 2nd barrel (the bottom of the V shape), instead of shooting up/right to the next barrle, instead shoot straight down. In this world, you have to go through five levels before you get to save, while in some other worlds you only have to beat two or three. The level contains 3 bonus rooms. This stage features transitional weather: the snow slowly becomes heavier as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go through the first half of the stage: Snow Barrel Blast starts with clear, blue sky, then light snow, then the skies become gray, the snow becomes heavier, until finally becoming a blizzard by the Star Barrel. Many people believe this is the hardest world, but that's only because of the inconsistent saving system. The position to land on the sequence of Neckys is not precise; just make sure that you are on the slope. A missed shot will turn it into a very bad mistake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKKz3fnHEBU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Oy7soIxLBc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5L0u8vnnWA, https://dkcspeedruns.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Snow_Barrel_Blast&oldid=15061. The rip is a YTPMV^2 (a YTPMV of a YTPMV) of Xarlable's infamous "Rock My Forum", set to the advertised track. Jumping past the DK barrel in the begin requires letting go of Y briefly as you land and repressing once you're airborne again. Neckys and Zingersare the main enemies of the level. As you make your way to the right, the millstone will chase after you once you pass it. SNOW is expected to strike some parts of the country this week, according to the latest weather charts, as powerful Atlantic systems barrel across … Snow Barrel Blast – Donkey Kong Country. “I'll hunt them down through every part of my island, until I have every banana from my hoard back! The fall to reach the long barrel cannon section at the end is much less dangerous than it looks. In Snow Barrel Blast, the DK Barrel has been relocated over a Barrel Cannon near the level's start point. Snow Barrel Blast is a stage with slippery landscapes, and treacherous terrains. If you grab it, hold left as soon as possible or you'll likely slide into the pit and die. Just after the Star Barrel, the Kongs can open an Rambi … Snow Barrel Blast. A basic extendo. The old version of this BG overwrote the status bar palette. A new mechanic in this level is the heat panel, which hurts Pac-Man if he steps on it. There's an incredibly difficult Barrel Cannon area here that will really put your patience to the test. Snow Barrel Blast. The mine levels are fun but the second one was a pain in the ass. It also has a lot of blast barrels. Only go for the 6-frame Joe In The Snow (roll at :12) if you are feeling particularly frisky that day, To do Zera Roll (roll at :15), you must tap Y right in the Necky's face, then repress a moment after you descend past the peak of the slope. You need to make sure Diddy is turned around completely before jumping when doing the barrel boost. As stated in the level name, Arctic Barrel Arsenal is a snow level that features numerous Barrel Cannons, much like Snow Barrel Blast from Donkey Kong Country.The Barrel Cannons are primarily used to blast across several wide gaps, and many Barrel Cannons require timed launches from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.There are parts in which the Kongs must move across the icy, … The fourth world. This is where the game starts getting hard. ***GORILLA GLACIER*** SNOW BARREL BLAST This is one of the longest stages in the game. Due to the the snow effects and barrel cannons, the effects were toned down during development to make the stage easier to play. The first Donkey Kong Country will always be my favorite in the franchise because of nostalgia. Mine Cart Madness. "Bonus Room Blitz (Snow Barrel Blast) - Donkey Kong Country" is a high quality rip of the Snow Barrel Blast version of "Bonus Room Blitz" from Donkey Kong Country. Roll at the very edge of the first platform, then release Y, and after you hit the second vulture, roll at the edge of the other platform and jump to the barrel. ZIP Includes Palette ExGFX Files Map16Page Sample Level This takes up over a full Map16Page. You should land in a secret barrel that will skip you right to the end. In Snow Barrel Blast, the first Klaptrap in the level is no longer in the level. The barrel boost just requires you to be on a slope. Sure, you’re lacking the deformation games have now but it was the presentation of snowy weather that was nailed. Rolling is generally the same speed on icy terrain. Snow Barrel Blast from Donkey Kong Country. Snow barrel blast secrets In the Snow barrel blast region of gorilla glacier, after you see the Rambi token, jump into the barrel to the right. The level takes place on snowcapped mountain peak, where the Kongs must trudge on icy ground and go up and down steep slopes. At the start of the game, DK follows a path on the world map from his treehouse to the first world, Kongo Jungle. Snow Barrel Blast is the first level in the fourth world named Gorilla Glacier which is in the SNES title Donkey Kong Country and is also the seventeenth level in the game. Tropical Freeze is unquestionably the better game, but there was nothing quite like the unbridaled hype surrounding Rare’s reinvention of Nintendo’s First Ape. A banana bunch replaces the first DK Barrel in Snow Barrel Blast. DKC Speed Run: Gorilla Glacier - Level #20 - Snow Barrel Blast + Bonus Rooms: 1 minute, 51 seconds. You can make the entry into the shortcut barrel underneath the screen easier by rolling and jumping into the barrel above it and shooting down instead of falling down next to it. The position to land on the sequence of Neckys is not precise; just make sure that you are on the slope. If you jump too early, he will fall just short of the first Necky. If you get the boost but miss a bird, it means you were turning around and jumped before you were fully facing forward, or just had low speed. Basically the same as the last one, but after you hit the second vulture, repress Y right after you hit so you can roll through the third vulture. Snow Barrel Blast Ice Age Alley Slipslide Ride Ice Cannon Cove The answer is Snow Barrel Blast . To add to the challeng… Head off the path. The barrel section at the end is not that bad, despite what memories you may retain from childhood; The rightwards barrel shot at :51 is very tight, but saves a whopping 23 frames.

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