11 Reviews from $ 399.00 $ 488.00. The Longshot LR-3 provided excellent results in each of the portions of this test. Though of interest, the above products weren’t what caught my eye. LongShot LR-3 Camera System: An additional tool in the long range toolkit. Freaking brilliant! Note: past 1 mile in distance from the target, taller tripods (around 36″ in height) must be used, Connecting to the units’ wifi. As mentioned, ‘assembly’ involves attaching two tripods. If you seeking special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. Finally, and most importantly, the LR-3 provided clear visualization of a target out to 1.5 miles, under sub-optimal conditions. Likewise, to protect the camera from stray rounds or spall, there is an optional, external antenna (not included in the kit sent to me). What will you be shooting? Having a camera on target up close aided in ameliorating both issues. The real question was whether or not it could capture them at the extreme distances claimed by Longshot. The shooting session using the LR-3 was carried out at the Elbert County Gun Club. Similarly, only the camera’s LAN indicator illuminates showing that the camera is connected to the local area network. Since the LONGSHOT Marksman is positioned down range by the target, you'll never have to worry about fighting mirage to see your shots again. The Longshot helped me dial in loads for my hunting rifle and added in filling my freezer this year. 3. Simply slide the Hawk over the eyepiece on your spotting scope and open the LONGSHOT™ app on a smartphone or tablet to view the camera feed and unlock all of the app features (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video and stills). until the desired target image was attained. You should have a live view of the target, along with a live timestamp at the top of the frame. The cost of the rifle, the optics, the ammo … YIKE$$$!!! Based on the original review by Mr. Arnold and others I purchased this system. LONGSHOT's wireless, portable, and battery-powered target camera systems set up adjacent to your target and 10-15 ft. back; the long-distance wireless camera can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. Why did you stop taking your meds? Read about these shooting range target cameras here. “This side towards enemy”. 2. Closeout. Search. Accessories. Don’t be like me and freak out when your phone/tablet displays “No Internet Connection”. That allows me to, for example, go to my ‘Gallery’ of photographs and videos. Over the next few months, I was able to use the Longshot in a variety of distances out to 900 yards. I’ll be shooting a Schmidt and Bender PMII, because it’s what I already have. This is just to see what the sport is like, I have no intention of seriously getting into ELR matches. Longshot target camera app easily mark your shots and groups to keep track of exactly what order they hit the paper, what group they belong to, and/or who shot them. Here is the snapshot I took from my phone: Then I moved to 1.5 miles the furthest line of sight I could find. The steps for setting up the unit are few and easy to follow (especially if you read the manual). I really am a stereotypical male. 31 Reviews from $ 799.00 $ 938.00. Can you find a bullet hole in a black target center, I try to stay out of the white? Redneck engineering at its best. 1. Products Software Ranges. Since the long-range wireless camera is positioned downrange by the target, you'll never have to worry about fighting mirage to see your shots again. The Longshot LR-3 ships in a very nice, Pelicanesque hard case. This tells me I can offset the camera from the target to get more clearance without worry of losing signal. I’ve tested some other types of target cameras out before, with very poor results. All Products. I used the iOS version of the app. System set up is a total breeze with the app and the equipment as shipped. Android only, I was unable to test this feature), Mirage and weather do not occlude the target, Easy LR hit detection without using steel, Multiple targets require multiple cameras, Can’t read the wind like a spotting scope. Reliability/Functioning * * * * * Bookmarking this thread. Thanks for the write up Mr. Arnold. The foam cutouts contain the camera and wireless receiver units, as well as the manual, charger and two lightweight compact tripods for mounting the units. The left arrow removes the shot marker(s). You ain’t kidding. Simply slide the hawk over the eyepiece of the spotting scope and open the Longshot by Target Vision app on a smartphone or tablet to view the camera feed and unlock all of the app features.Shooting has never been more fun!Fits eyepiece that is between 38 mm and 56 mm. The receiver has a series of lights (at the top) indicating connection strength. GL But I have a problem. Have the “Smile Wait For Flash” on several barrel ends. As stated before, I have no plans to shoot at these extreme distances, but the utility of the LR-3’s camera system begins long before you get out to 1.5 miles. If further adjustment is needed, one can tilt and pan the unit on the compact ball head tripod. The Longshot has not yet failed to perform. The target and easel were placed in front of the car to protect it from the wind coming off the frequent 18-wheel tractor-trailers that go by on that stretch of road (I will return to the significance of the 18-wheelers in a bit). This would be a hell of a piece of kit. The camera can rotate somewhat independently in the housing for FOV flexibility. Bundles. Yep, my thought, too…pull the other one. Indoor Ranges. Imagery: CrispEdge 2688 x 1512 Ultra HD Mr Taylor, let us know the results. As pointed out here, finding a 2-mile place to shoot is a bigger PITA than the cost! On a very bright clear day with snow cover I tested the system with the sun to the back, side and front of the camera. If I had money to throw around…. My one minor quibble is that the tripods make heavy use of plastic, and the ball heads can move even when the tension is tightened as much as I dared to without breaking anything. In the future, I plan on using the Longshot at distances out to two miles. I get a few suggestions on https://tripodsdslr.com/best-skateboard-cameras/ let me know if you also have suggestions. Shooting long range in hot weather, fire risk is reduced if one uses this system in conjunction with a paper target rather than shooting at steel. On the bottom of both the camera and receiver were the screw-mount for the tripod attachment, an ON/OFF switch and indicator light and a row of lights that indicate battery charge. Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. Typing your keyword for example Longshot Target Cameras Lr3 2 Mile Target Camera Lr3 Longshot Camera 2 Mile Uhd Longshot Target Cameras Lr3 2 Mile Target Camera Lr3 Longshot Camera 2 Mile Uhd Reviews : You want to buy Longshot Target Cameras Lr3 2 Mile Target Camera Lr3 Longshot Camera 2 Mile Uhd. I don’t often read instruction manuals carefully (or at all). I suppose a buddy of mine might be able to use one of those. Camera/Transmitter With the target in the direct sun set up at ground level with snow reflecting light onto the target and the sun to the back of the camera (a very severe condition) the target was noticeably washed out but had no problem detecting .22 hits. Longshot Target Cameras Optiques . However, I am asked more and more to review firearms that are easily capable of sub-MOA accuracy out to 800 yards and more. For the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of testing out the Longshot LR-3 target camera. With my test showing I can detect a .22 hit with the camera at 21’ this would make seeing hits on steel easy with the camera set safely to the side. a. This minimal weight made it easy to transport. Supposed to be corrected on next update. Our Longshot Marksman comparison chart shows you how our camera stacks up to Bullseye and Caldwell. If you are planning to use the system past 1 mile, we recommend that you use larger tripods and elevate both the camera and receiver at least 36″ off the ground. Now is the time in this sequence when I launched this App. System software: I did all my testing using my cell phone which is running Android 7.0. Temperatures ranged from 75 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, I found the Longshot LR-3 to be a very useful and problem-free tool to add to one’s long range shooting toolkit. That feature allows me to access the settings for how I wanted my shots indicated, size of markers, etc. Since the long-range wireless camera is positioned downrange by the target, you'll never have to worry about fighting mirage to see your shots again. With a runtime of 9+ hours, LONGSHOT LR-3 cameras allow you to view the target remotely on your tablet or phone via an easy-to-use free TargetVision app (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video and stills). At the top of the screen, from left-to-right are 1) the Main Menu icon. Image Capture: Photograph and Video When using the unit to attempt to visualize a target at 1.5 miles, the LR-3 was being challenged to perform better than its guarantee. Battery-powered wireless target camera 300-yard range Runs over 10 hours Wireless target camera The Marksman is a fixed lens, portable, battery-powered, wireless spotting scope that can be viewed from a phone or tablet. I don’t know if the trucks were the problem, or maybe it was because the receiver and camera were not at the minimum elevation (at least 36″) as the manual said. I have frequent need for seeing my shots on targets from 300-800 yards. The ‘+’ icon is the blinker shot locator which identifies the last bullet hole/shot. Receiver and Camera Batteries: Rechargeable Using 100V – 240V adapter the ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ in above snapshot). In short this is a pretty awesome system. Longshot LR-3 - 2 Mile UHD. Restreindre la recherche. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TargetVision Long-Range Camera - Target Shooting Camera with Up to 1 Mile Range, Wireless Camera System at Amazon.com. The cost of playing there tho is just too steep for most people. For those that do, expect anywhere from $20K to $60K in gun and glass and a 3 man team, with one guy doing nothing but the wind call. Product information Package Dimensions 8 x 6 x 5 inches ASIN B01LWMAHS6 Item model … All types of precipitation were encountered as well. I had 1 test with a fuzzy picture but turns out the camera was too close at only 7’ from the target and the manual recommends >9’. d. The live video does not work on my Android 7. Les mieux notés. This is not an issue at short ranges but could put the camera in danger at long ranges on windy days. 0 Cart Longshot Target Cameras. Target Vision claims next update will correct this. Thank you again for answering my questions! However, after connecting, I took this snapshot: The Longshot LR-3 ULTRAHD target camera was easy to use. The next stage is a bit more complicated, but not by much. When touched, the ‘eye’ shows/hides the bullet hole markers (i.e. The TargetVision app is intuitive and straightforward. Two miles? Portability * * * * * However, the app is very intuitive, and the LR-3 instruction manual gives great guidance on each option. Note: Multiple cameras can chain into the receiver unit for use with varying targets at different distances, or multiple targets on the same line. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. And I have battery banks you could plug in to keep that phone going for a week, if necessary! The antenna can be placed up to 75 yards away from the camera. On a long-range course, no such interruption should occur when you’re setting up as the shooter moves from the target to the firing line. I’m solid on 2MOA targets at that range with my guns. An eight to ten foot distance yielded a full view of an IPSC target. I watched it scan for the signals from the LAN and…. Mr. Taylor, I have so many questions about this type of shooting competition – I guess I should not admit ignorance, but there it is. a. For this demonstration, I set up a previously-used target on an easel. Specifications: Longshot LR-3 ULTRAHD Target Camera, Guaranteed Maximum Distance: ‘Straight Shooter’ 2-Mile The app has the following functions: Prior to initial use, one should charge the units for 4 hours. I don’t remember what type it is, it’s not a Barrett, I think it’s an ArmaLite or a Bushmaster. I don’t have a 2-mile shooting range anywhere near me. Without doubt, there will be ways to screw this up you did not cover, however, the people who discover these things and blame you or the company are simply very ingenious…, That is an incredibly encouraging comment, Charlie. Not enough time or money for that. I took my wife’s phone last time we shot out to 600 yards. (The Wide Area Network – WAN – is not used for the current application.). I have no idea, and that is why I am asking you! The LR-3 will be ideal for that application. For example, it would have been very helpful had I read the following from the LR-3 Instruction Manual, before going out for the ‘highway’ test: As the system comes, it only has a guaranteed range of 1 mile. When activated, it causes the last hole in the target to ‘blink’, in other words appear/disappear as the target image toggles between the next-to-last and last shot. The 2 mile guarantee requires that both the camera and receiver be at least 36″ off the ground. LONGSHOT TARGET CAMERAS. 2 miles should be doable in the rolling wheat fields of central OR. As someone who learned by doing, I would like to salute the author on a very well written article on a difficult topic. Write a Review average rating 5.0 out of 5 https://tripodsdslr.com/best-skateboard-cameras/. If you are looking for Longshot Target Cameras Mini Camera TripodLongshot Target Cameras Mini Camera Tripod If you looking for special discount you need to … Snapshot & Record. I was now ready to shoot at the target, but many of my neighbors would have objected, so the next phase involved a trip to my gun club.