All you need is a long handle brush and a bucket and you’re good to go. Now you can clean baseboards without having to buy a separate machine or cleaning on your hands and knees. Here's what you'll see:1. This simple device easily attaches to the front of the machine to provide a convenient alternative for cleaning baseboards. Water provides the necessary lubrication and will rinse off the dirt and wax off the baseboards. The best way to clean baseboards if they are stained instead of painted is to use a store-bought wood cleaner mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To prepare you for battling the baseboards, we made this list with a few things in mind: price, versatility, and performance. Cleaning the baseboards in your home is always a tough chore because it requires lots of bending over, which is hard on the back. The Centaur Rabbit-1 Floor Polisher is a single-speed 175RPM machine that is a cost effective solution to baseboard cleaning, stripping, buffing & polishing. It can also be used to clean baseboards and stairs. The Scrub Jay baseboard attachment lets you clean miles of “square” and “cove” baseboards in up to 96% less time. multiple members Lg. BASEBOARD SCRUBBING MACHINE Filed Aug. 21, 1962 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 @NM 71 04992? which will be the same as any direct visitor to the merchant’s website. It can be used both damp and dry, making it ideal for everyday dusting. Use The SL-6 / SL-8 Where You Need To Clean Up Floors That Get Very Messy. Most of the experts upgrade the blade to about 60 tooth blades. This tank holds a generous 4 gallons of water so you don’t have to stop and refill it in the middle of your cleaning. Approx. $12) comes with 3 extra pads and a telescopic pole for getting into cracks and crevices. The soft tip made of rubber protects your flooring and baseboards from scratches. In addition to efficiency, the baseboard cleaner should be easy to use. Use a black strip pad for heavily soiled, marked, dirty baseboards, or blue strip pads for average soiled baseboards. The head is a triangle shape that dives deep into corners. For better efficiency, this steam cleaner incorporated additional features like a soft microfiber pad, a 23-foot power cord, and a scrubby microfiber pad. Attach the Scrub Jay #4 to Scrub Jay #3 to clean taller baseboards (up to 8″ tall). The blue removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled surfaces prior to re-coating. 29, 1964 w R. J. SAUERS 3,150,394 . Pull the stainless steel handle and control the flow of water on to the Scrub Jay. We ONLY recommend the TroubleGone solution for the following reasons: First , TroubleGone is a slightly alkaline (close to neutral pH) water-based cleaning chemical which is safe to use in all environments (including schools and hospitals). Thanks for reading the fine print. Position the flex hose on to the Scrub Jay and control the flow of water using the lever under the machine handle. This allows you to restore the stone baseboard without getting on your hands and knees and using a hand grinder. However, this wiki is currently maintained by Baseboard Buddy is the newest and most efficient way to avoid the backbreaking, tedious work of cleaning baseboards on hands and knees. Use the blue pad for routine cleaning and scrubbing. The water will lubricate the baseboard and wash down the dirt as you move the machine along the baseboard. The extender rod allows for the easy gripping and the ability to stand the duster upright. The combination of TroubleGone + Water + Scrub Jay on a Rabbit machine takes care of everything and you’ll get the best results in the fastest time possible. For the Serious Baseboard Cleaners. FREE Shipping by Amazon. help fund the Wiki. Chomp Long Handle Dust Mop:5 Minute CleanWalls Extendable Wall Washer, Ceiling Cleaner and Baseboard Duster - Telescoping Dry Dust / Wet Wash Cleaning Mop with Washable Microfiber Pad. Baseboard Cleaning Tool: I hate cleaning. Use the Rabbit-3 For Cleaning Carpets, Scrubbing & Stripping Floors and Baseboards... PLUS Floor Polishing Too, Use the Stonechat For Grinding & Polishing Concrete & Stone Floors... PLUS Countertops Too, Use the Woodpecker for Perfect Results in Sanding Wood Floors and Preventing Dust From Getting Airborne, Use the Rabbit-8 for Professional Carpet Cleaning Where Carpets Dry In Just 15 Minutes or Less, Use The SL-3 / SL-5 When You Need a Professional Vacuum for "Hard" Daily Use, Use The SL-6 / SL-8 Where You Need To Clean Up Floors That Get Very Messy, Use The Falcon For Debris & Slush That Would "Choke" Any Other Vacuum, 175 RPM Floor Machine System: Clean Hard Floor Surfaces & Baseboards, 200/300 RPM Floor Machine System: Clean Carpet, Hard Floors & Baseboards, 110V Heavy-Duty Stone Grinder & Polisher (Convertible To Countertop Machine), 175 RPM Floor Sanding Machine: Use For Sanding Wood & Concrete Floors, 175 RPM Carpet Cleaning Machine: Use For Fast-Drying Bonnet Cleaning, Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum, Built to Work 24/7, How To Replace or Repair The Flex Hose Assembly, How To Restore & Refinish Marble Floors (Training), Hear From “Centaurians” Using Our Machines, Brush Centaur's TroubleGone Onto The Baseboard, Use Centaur’s Rabbit-1 (or Rabbit-3) Floor Machine with The Scrub Jay # 3 Baseboard Attachment, Deluxe Water Tank (Long Adjusting Handle). If you’re not familiar with our PowerFresh ® Slim Steam Mop prepare to be amazed. BASEBOARD BUDDY As Seen On Tv Baseboard Cleaner Tool The fast and easy way to clean your baseboards and moldings SIMPLY WALK & GLIDE! Coverage: 50 sq ft / litre or 150 linear feet / litre on a 4″ tall baseboard. For those of you who wish to the best baseboard cleaner tool prime, you should not miss this article. BASEBOARD SCRUBBING MACHINE Filed Aug. 21, 1962 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 'Sept. The black pad works aggressively and removes wax, dirt, and old floor finish. or Rabbit-3 machine and takes less than 10 seconds to attach. Use the black pad for heavy duty wet stripping. Floor and baseboard cleaning machine 10 as shown in FIG. The accessory that saves you the most amount of money and time.2. $10 Gift Card with $30 Purchase on OXO Cleaning Products . The Newliton Microfiber Telescopic (around $12) is a tool that extends just over 8 feet in length. TroubleGone is an almost neutral pH water-based baseboard cleaning solution. Fit the Scrub Jay with 3″ or 4″ strip pads. Second , using any acidic stripper will dissolve the binding agents in the Scrub Jay and potentially damage the equipment. Besides, you can start working with it within 30 seconds of turning it on. 4.3 out of 5 stars 882. You can get it wet for vigorous scrubbing or use it dry. Easily adjust the handle height by turning the tri-nut (without you having to bend down). When you attach the Scrub Jay #4 to the Scrub Jay #3, you’ll clean baseboards that are 8″ tall with ease, and faster than ever before. 3.4 out of 5 stars 22. The Clean Reach Set is one of the most affordable options, and it is easy to use. Either machine can be used for Baseboard Stripping & Cleaning with the Scrub Jay attachment, and when fitted with a Deluxe Water Tank & Flex Hose. No need for respirator masks as it is non-harmful. Even better, you can buy a device made with sparkling baseboards in mind. It is made from all natural materials, leaves no residue behind, and can be used over and over. Despite the saws being the best and appropriate machine for baseboard cutting, their blades are mostly not designed for trimming. See more ideas about baseboard cleaner, house cleaning tips, cleaning baseboards. These fees will not increase your purchase price, $15.99. This wiki has been updated 4 times since it was first published in October of 2019. 79 79 reviews. $19.99. The Magic Wonder Sponge (about $7) is a handy tool to have around because it fits comfortably in your hand and never has to be wet. It's straightforward to put together - finding the right size screwdriver took longer than assembling the machine. Bundle and save on all of your favorite CleanWalls products together to safely refresh any room by gently cleaning painted walls, ceilings, and baseboards. The Scrub Jay # 3 baseboard cleaning attachment is designed to fit on to any Rabbit-1 or Rabbit-3 machine and takes less than 10 seconds to attach. Turn your MotorScrubber into a powerful, portable baseboard, stair and riser scrubbing machine! in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are linking. Baseboard Cleaner Tool with Handle, 5 Reusable Cleaning Pads, 1PC No-Bending Mop Baseboard Cleaner Tool Long Handle Adjustable Baseboard Molding Tool for Bathroom Microfiber Cleaning. 1 is extremely versatile and can be adapted for various uses, particularly in areas where space is minimal and cleaning is required under counters, cabinets, or the like where large, bulky machines will not operate efficiently. Third , TroubleGone comes off the baseboards easily with water – no other solution or chemical is required. It can be used both damp and dry, making it ideal for everyday dusting. Apply TroubleGone to any vertical surface using a brush or trigger spray. The replacement black strips come in two sizes and are for more aggressive cleaning. Many of our wikis are authored by individual members of our editorial staff. Several on the list can be used to clean much more than just the bottoms of your walls, such as the HEOATH Microfiber. The elastic band keeps it securely on your foot as you swipe the dirt away. “Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. These boards run all around the bottom of the walls in your home, and they are a magnet for dirt. OXO Good Grips® Long Reach Dusting System in White/Red. For more information on our rankings, please read about us, linked below. The pole extends for hard-to-reach places, and the brush handle adjusts. Use for daily disinfecting of floors, walls, ceilings and more. TroubleGone is non-caustic, non-corrosive, and very low odour making it a safe alternative to the harsh aerosol baseboard strippers on the market. Compact Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers. The Lecamebor Cleaning Duster (about $15) is made from microfiber that is gentle on your baseboards and floors. Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. Skip to the best baseboard cleaner on Amazon. Baseboard Buddy® Multi-Use Cleaning Duster. You can get on your hands and knees with a sponge, and deal with the back pain later. The Clean Reach Set (appx. Centaur has engineered a special Pad Locker, which is a non-marking device that easily secures the pad while in use. It extends up to 48 inches, so anyone of any height can use it. The tip is covered in rubber to stop nicks and scratches. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the chemical from the wall, which is common if using a spray. The head bends and flexes to reach all the nooks and crannies. Bust Baseboard Dust. For a simple and fun way to give your home a quick pickup, try the Yinuowei Slipper Shoes (appx. when you use our links to these websites. The Scrub Jay # 3 baseboard cleaning tool is designed to fit on to any Centaur Floor Machine and cleans baseboards 4″ tall.