Fun, Fun, Fun19. 4. If You Don't Know Me by Now. Make sure there are no sharp objects nearby. Written to detest President Nixon’s elitist favouritism allowing certain demographics to avoid being drafted to the Vietnam War, John Fogerty created a masterpiece. I Get Around18. The song was written by Chet Powers and subsequently recorded by a variety of artists. Play 4. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Armie Hammer leaves new movie in light of... Bodybuilder who married a sex doll said his... Chuck Norris denies attending the Capitol riots after... Music producer Phil Spector dies while serving life sentence for murder, Andy Warhol's most impressive marks on the music world, The 10 most groundbreaking free jazz albums of all time. The Beatles were responsible for a many of the feel-good songs of the 1960's. The later addition of the strings from Tom Wilson elevate the emotional intensity of Nico’s already serene voice to a potent token of 1960s remembrance. I'm A Believer20. Heroin was a landmark in its lyrical honesty and avant absurdism. It had renewed popularity again in 1969. 04:16. It became a popular song in 1964 in both Britain and the U.S. Fall in love with these 50's and 60's romantic classics. They also had a lot of sillier creations like Yellow Submarine, Lovely Rita, and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. The group also consisted of Zal Yanovsky, Jan Carl, and Steve Boone. The song is basically about an astrological age known as the Age of Aquarius. Arguably the greatest protest song of all time, this is Bob Dylan at his most eloquent. Sugar, Sugar8. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Just a few of his most successful tunes were Only the Lonely, Crying, and Running Scared. Good Day Sunshine is a simple one that can certainly create a smile. Big Girls Don't Cry. Pretty Woman13. They had a number of tunes that would qualify for my list of feel-good songs from the 1960's such as Daydream Believer, Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (more for the melody and tempo than the lyrics), and I'm a Believer. Shied by the deification of his hero, Jimi Hendrix put everything into his iteration of Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower. Stay - Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs 6. In 1967, a group known as the Youngbloods released it with some success. George Harrison, lead guitarist of the Beatles wrote Here Comes the Sun. Jerry Mungo – In the Summertime. 1. Similar song lists for further reading: 1970s love songs; 1980s wedding songs; 1980s love songs; The 100 Best Songs of the 1970s. You can hear both of these uplifting tunes below. Glad All over16. The song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love in 1966. He had an impressive vocal range and many of his songs had a plaintive but beautiful quality. gettheshot75 . Find the latest in 60s music at An earlier song, The Rain, The Park, & Other Things was also well received. Just like Land of a Thousand Dances referenced above, this song is most recognized by a nonsensical refrain. Always one for pushing boundaries, Iggy turned the pop trope of puppy love into an exposing reflection of animal instinct and sexual humiliation, eventuating in one of the best all time ’60s songs. As a Baby Boomer, I grew up in the '60s and '70s finishing up college in the '80s. Top 20 Romantic Love Songs of The '60s & '70s Various Artists Play on Napster. The Twist - Chubby Checker 3. With Big Brother and the Holding Company riding the crest of the fuzz revolution, their live album, Cheap Thrills, is Joplin at her passionate best. Unlike its anti-Vietnam brethren of the decade, Everyday People is a plea for equality and an everlasting example of Jake Sly’s genius. The song was actually written in Zulu in 1939 by Solomon Linda. I Like It Like That, Do You Love Me, and Over and Over. The video below will allow you to listen to I'm a Believer with Micky Dolenz singing lead. They were very popular in the mid to late 60's and had a number of hits. 2- Blowin in the Wind – Bob Dylan. One of the most acclaimed songs from them was Good Vibrations. Top 10 Songs of 1960 1. Singing the praises of the uplifting power of music in our lives, Do You Believe in Magic became popular in 1965. With John as a morbid philosopher and Paul playing the acidhead business man, this song essentially bridged pop and avant garde and is a zeitgeist moments of the ’60s. But I encourage you to see it through – press on, and see what sort of stuff you’re made of. 7. Play 5. In these early days, the Beach Boys consisted of brothers Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and a friend Al Jardine. There's nothing like an endless celebration to feel good. Earlier songs like All My Love, Please, Please Me, and I Saw Her Standing There have a fast tempo and an upbeat message. I'm a Believer was written by Neil Diamond and later recorded by The Monkees in 1966. When a Man Loves a Woman. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)Frank Sinatra, Count Basie • Sinatra/Basie: The … Blowing In The Wind (Live On TV, March 1963) - YouTube. 4. Daydream10. A very subtle, smooth and relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background or background ambiance. He died in 2001. My Wedding Songs is a reader-supported website. Covering the poignant Billie Holiday number, Nina Simone injected her own unique sadness and urgency into Strange Fruit. 22. The original group consisted of Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis, Jr, Florence LaRue, LaMonte McLemore, and Ronald L. Townson. These are the 25 best ’60s songs to stick it to the man. The band had other hits such as Summer in the City and another upbeat tune called Daydream (1966) during the decade. It has been adapted over the years, sung in several languages, by different artists, and of course, has been identified by different names. Dancing In The Streets15. In 1969 a different kind of band had success with a single called Sugar Sugar. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog. Written from an outsider’s perspective it delicately tandems themes of USA’s plentiful opportunity while demonising the country’s warmongering government. Dancing in the Streets was written by William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter, and Marvin Gaye and later recorded by Martha (Reeves) and the Vandellas in 1964. Paul’s later Lonely Girl hit “Another Day” will leave you feeling similarly hollow inside, but Ian’s song will forever be the zenith among devastating anthems for the unpopular. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On. Perhaps even more daring is Keith Richards desire to put it all to samba but it all just works like butter on toast. As the song progresses Cash’s breath deepens as he seems a man as afraid of confinement as any of the inmates, marking the birth of the most famous live album of all time. The song actually is much older than that as it originates from an 18th-century hymn, but it's the 1960's gospel version of it that became widely popular. You can hear Here Comes the Sun below, it's not the final version on their album, but it is the original artists. Doo Wap was still around, rock n' roll was in full swing, R&B was hot selling, and psychedelic rock emerged in the 1960's. In 1966, his best-known tune was Land of a Thousand Dances. Recorded a mere 6 weeks before his death and released posthumously, (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay reflects on Redding’s life as a black man seeking opportunity and stardom in San Francisco then Georgia. The group consisted of the writers, John and Michelle Phillips as well as Denny Doherty and Cass Elliot. The band had a handful of other successful songs, most of which were also rather lighthearted. Sometimes all you need is a guitar and a voice. The second Beach Boys song on my list of feel-good music of the 1960's is I Get Around. 1. Top 50 Feel Good Dance Songs. Stand by Me Ben E. King • Don't Play That Song (Mono) 3:00 0:30. Crazy Horse are locked in, the guitars are howling, Young is yearning and the lead work is iconic. The eternal recurrence of Bob Dylan‘s The Times They Are A Changin’ makes it, thematically, one of the strongest songs ever written. When Woodstock inevitably descended into madness and disarray before the first act even hit the stage Richie Havens had a weight on his shoulders. Another anti-Vietnam protest to make the cut, The Fiddle and the Drum is from Joni Mitchell‘s sophomore 1969 album Clouds. Like many of the songs on our list, later versions by different artists have also been popular. But through it all, music that made people feel good was still prevalent. The 5th Dimension enjoyed popularity through the latter part of 60's, 70's and onward although there have been a number of personnel changes. 1-2 features 29 tracks spread over two discs. Bob Dylan – … It was recorded and released by the 5th Dimension in 1969. However, nothing matches the grand heights of this 9 minute epic. The Cars – Just What I Needed. I'm Into Something Good. It's posted below for you to enjoy. Play 2. Twist and Shout. In 1965, folk-rock group The Mamas and The Papas released their version. Songs such as Surfin' USA, California Girls, Barbara Ann, and Fun, Fun, Fun (1964) are just some of the possibilities. The now iconic anti-war anthem is not the only song written in disgust of America’s involvement with Vietnam in the ’60s. While it has a more subdued tempo, Get Together is a feel-good song thanks to the lyrics telling people the importance of peaceful, loving, and accepting world. Below are 25 of some of the most popular feel-good songs of the 1960's. A video of the Martha and the Vandellas performing the song is posted below. It not only sympathises with satan but presents him as as well spoken man of the world. Jazz musician Louis Armstrong had been in the music business since the 1920's but he recorded What a Wonderful World in 1967. Amazon. Indian Lake11. The video below will allow you to listen to it. Released: Jan 2015 Label: About A Beat - OMiP Facebook Twitter Songs. Of course, my list could contain a number of Beach Boys tunes. The crowd cheers replete with desperate honour. 1. Of course, All You Need Is Love is probably the most recognized happy tune but there were plenty of others. It’s not only a perfectly written and emotionally charged protest song but a testament to the power of musical objection. Appearing like the Man In Back himself, Johnny Cash sounds powerful and larger than life at Folsom Prison. The 1967 play Hair was a hit with audiences and produced some well-known songs. News and Entertainment from Australia's favourite youth publisher, HAIM to cover Leonard Cohen on new Hanukkah compilation record, Introducing UMI: delivering neo-soul magic that’s out of this world. It’s one of those rare songs that opposes war but empathises with troops and a hallmark of Fogerty’s lyrical acuity. Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, I'm Into Something Good was eventually recorded by the English band, Herman's Hermits. An epochal reflection of racial and gender discrimination, Aretha used her supernatural hit making abilities to turn Otis Redding’s original into the undying feminist anthem that it is today. Chain Gang - Sam Cooke 7. But through it all, music that made people feel good was still prevalent. Lou Reed was at his cliff edged romantic best. Famously written during a 39.5º fever, Neil Young penned the lyrics for Down By The River, Cinnamon Girl and Cowgirl In The Sand amidst hallucinations. In this case, rather than Na Na Na Na Na, it's Do-Wah-Diddy. A progenitor for Neil Young’s later success, Buffalo Springfield are just as iconic as this unquestionable masterpiece. The band had a number of other successful tunes such as Catch Me If You Can. After three encores Havens started improvising and the first thing that came to his head was Freedom, one of the most impassioned black rights songs of all time and the epitome of the counterculture movement. When Will I See You Again. Other songs about lonely girls (“Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles, “A Rose for Emily” by The Zombies) are sad, but don’t cut to the marrow quite like this one. 20. The Four Seasons. 127 songs. Song Artist Year Genre; Top songs of the 1960's is updated by the minute by Gigbuilder - The world's most popular Event Management System. The ’60s marked a time when pop music became more than a teenage fad, turning into an important art form in its own right as it soundtracked the civil … Featuring guitar riff, piano, e-organ, claps and retro drum pattern. Harrison went on after the break up of the Beatles in 1970 with a solo career and later formed the group the Traveling Wilburys with Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for 60's Love Songs: The Ultimate Collection - Various Artists on AllMusic - 2006 We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Written by John and Michelle Phillips in 1963, California Dreamin' has been performed by a number of artists. The melancholy extravagance of Nico’s voice makes These Days more than just one of your your casual coffeehouse ’60s songs. This is CCR at their absolute finest. The Lion Sleeps Tonight22. Shop Around - Miracles 9. “The King of the Mambo,” Prado helped popularize the Cuban-originated genre in America with a … Pérez Prado & His Orchestra, "Cherry Pink (And Apple Blossom White)" Share. Feel-Good Favorites: Pop Hits of the '60s & '70s, Vols. A monumental decade of social and political upheaval, the 1960s saw the Civil Rights Movement, The Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and President JFK. It was recorded in 1969 and included on the Abbey Road album. The recording done by the Edwin Hawkins Singers was chart-topping in 1969. Playlists Revealing 67 Lost Singles Of The 60s. With a knack for summarising hugely complex philosophical and political concepts into one succinct line, Bob Dylan hits the nail squarely on the head with Blowin’ In The Wind. A video featuring Pretty Woman is below for you to listen. Nonetheless, Nancy Sinatra‘s empowered sexuality and poised vocals made this one of the most undercover political ’60s songs. 02:22. Play on Spotify. Album. You can hear All You Need Is Love (1967), Good Day Sunshine (1966) and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (1968) below. There are plenty more sexy songs from the 1960s, from slow and sensual songs like Peaches and Herb’s Close Your Eyes and Mel Carter’s Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, to rockin’ songs like The Troggs’ Wild Thing and The Doors, Light My Fire, (over 8 million hits on youtube and counting). Change is inevitable and it seems Dylan’s voice will ring as clear and true in 2964 as it did a thousand years before. They continued to perform for a few years after the end of the show and did reunion tours years later. Some great 1960s music went missing in action in a decade when tens of thousands of singles were released each year. The track has a cheerful mood recall to mind old goos days. 23. Happy Songs of the 50s and 60s By leecoursey. Although another group recorded it first, it enjoyed greater popularity later in 1964 when released by an English band, Manfred Mann. As noted earlier, Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is the last song with the word “Happy” in its title to bow at the apex of the Hot 100. Let's Stay Together. All You Need Is Love24. 100. Another resplendent jewel in the crown of protest music, Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth is up there with the most lyrically poignant songs ever penned. Matching the manic all time high of heroin, this hauntingly beautiful piece owes its uniqueness to Moe Tucker’s jiggling percussion and John Cale’s freakish viola. all of which were upbeat. It captures the longing of a man for a beautiful woman he sees on the street and the excitement of gaining her attention and companionship by the end of the song. 02:33. A video of Glad All Over is posted below for you to hear. The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au) Andy Williams: 1959: Oldies: 86: Too Marvelous For Words: Frank Sinatra: 1955: Ballad: 87: White Lightning: George Jones: 1959: Country: 88: A Teenager In Love: Dion & The Belmonts: 1958: Oldies: 89: Maybelline: Chuck Berry: 1955: Oldies: 90: I Wish You Love: Dean Martin: 1959: Ballad: 91: Little Darlin' Diamonds: 1957: Oldies: 92: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay In fact, the well-known Na Na Na Na Na wasn't even part of the song until Cannibal and the Headhunters added it in their cover of the song. It's likely most people, however, don't recognize the name of this song. One of their feel-good tunes included Indian Lake which is light and fluffy, a perfect summer anthem. Here are the 100 best songs from the ‘60s. 2:40 0:30. You can listen to Good Vibrations in the video posted below. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Singer, songwriter Roy Orbison first started recording records in the 1950's. Desmond Dekker & The Aces, “Israelites”. You can hear their version of it in the video below. If you want to get people singing, The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a good song to play. Stream songs including "When a Man Loves a Woman", "If You Don't Know Me by Now" and more. These songs are so bad you will be tempted to escape and click your “back” button. It was written by Gerome Ragni, James Rado, and Galt MacDermot. Play 1. The road was blocked for miles and no other artists were yet to arrive at the festival. You've Made Me So Very Happy. I'm Into Something Good14. Imagine -John Lennon. The archetypal expression of Lennon-McCartney dualism, A Day In The Life is The Beatles most succinct and impactful mosaic. The poetic acuity of Jim Morrison and the breathing, heaving flow of the band elevated The Doors to music royalty and hinted at their sonic schizophrenia to come. “Shannon” by Henry Gross . Wild Cherry – Play that Funky Music. You can hear I Get Around as well as Fun, Fun, Fun below. Amiable/Good-Natured Boisterous Carefree Celebratory Cheerful Confident Earnest Energetic Exciting Exuberant Freewheeling Fun Happy Humorous Innocent Joyous Lively Playful Rambunctious Raucous … It was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, then recorded and released in 1964. Somehow the people weren’t hearing the message so Aretha Franklin had to spell it out. The final track from The Doors 1967 debut was the psychedelic overhaul the decade was scrambling towards and inevitably opened the flood gates to a diluvian downpour of fractals and kaleidoscopic sound. Amazon. 6. Oh Happy Day is another of the feel-good songs of the 1960's. We hope you choose to include some of these hits in the early hours of your reception or even in the ceremony. It was their first big hit. Should you choose to listen to all 13 songs, there are few precautions before you begin. The Cowsills were a musical family with 6 siblings and their mother. It was written by Artie Kornfeld and Steve Duboff and released in 1967. Famed for it’s extended live forms, Dazed and Confused is as experimental as Led Zeppelin gets. 2. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters 5. As a result it became a favourite on pirate radio stations in Vietnam, receiving heavy airplay and becoming a symbol of hope for the troops. With John as a morbid philosopher and Paul playing the acidhead business man, this song essentially bridged pop and avant garde and is a zeitgeist moments of the ’60s. It was written by Tony Romeo and was recorded and released by the Cowsills in 1968. The group came together when they were selected to star in a show titled The Monkees which would become highly popular for a couple of years in the US. 52 songs. However, in the case of this song, the popular refrain is the name of the song, Do-Wah-Diddy. Find 60s tracks, artists, and albums. Swiping inspiration from Baudelaire, Mick Jagger‘s lyricism in Sympathy For The Devil is daring to say the least. You may be tempted to jab them into your ear. The Songs That Will Make You Smile. The song Glad All Over was written by Dave Clark and Mike Smith and recorded by their band The Dave Clark Five in 1964. You can’t stick it to the man much more than that. Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles 3. 50's & 60's Happy Songs - Uplifting Old Music Playlist - YouTube. A lot has changed in half a century, yet the need to defend ethnicity against derision continues, hence the challenging, exhilarating, and resonating opulence of James Brown‘s finest work. Wilson Pickett was best known for his success in the soul and R&B genre. Boots were hot in the ’60s with Dylan’s Boots Of Spanish Leather being one of his most highly acclaimed works. You can hear their version of the song below. Credits: youtube and my record collection Fact: “Care of Cell 44,” which opens the Zombies’ psych-pop masterpiece Odessey and Oracle, is the sunniest song ever written about the impending release of a … It was written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich in 1963. For some bands, it was their brand. Do-Wah-Diddy23. Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Shirelles 2. The Archies was a fictional band based in a popular cartoon of the time featuring animated teenagers Archie, his friends Reggie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. The Beach Boys had a string of hits in the 1960's. Note: Please comment your hippie song end of page if not exist in this list. In general, however, it appears that it is associated with non-conformity, rebellion, idealism, humanitarianism, enlightenment, and so forth. Occasionally I like to share some nostalgia. It was written by John Sebastian and subsequently performed with his band The Lovin' Spoonful. Fuzzed out riffs and a clinking piano set the tone for Iggy Stooge‘s dark rupturing barks and sexual masochism. Land Of A Thousand Dances21. Herman's Hermits. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da25. It was released and enjoyed some success but it was actually quite some time before it received the level of popularity it deserved in the US. Oh Happy Day7. Written by Chris Kenner in 1962, the song was recorded by its composer as well as others before PIckett picked it up. For others, it was the road less traveled. You can listen to Do You Believe in Magic and Daydream below. Perhaps the most haunting song of all time, the poem was writing by Jewish writer Abel Meeropol and, upon it’s many iterations, became an urgent plea to stop the black lynchings in the South. The Rain, The Park, & Other Things12. The eternal statement is just as relevant today as it was 60 years ago and Sly & Family Stone‘s performance at Woodstock was one of the defining moments of the decade, according to Carlos Santana. Baez became renowned for her rendition of the tune after performing it at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and it still gives us chills to this day. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison 4. The Isley … As a time of such intense unrest it also gave way to some of the best music ever written. Released in August 1968, a few months after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Say It Loud: I’m Black & I’m Proud is the ultimate Civil Rights protest song. Their biggest success, Sugar Sugar was written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim. Get Together17. Do You Believe In Magic9. In reality, their music was actually performed by a variety of singers and session musicians. It's a song that certainly paints a picture of California as the place to be with the singers vocalizing their yearning for the warmth and sunshine there in contrast to the cold and gray of NYC. Instead, they know the refrain of Na Na Na Na Na. In 1964 however, he and Bill Drees wrote Pretty Woman a song that has had a lot of staying power. Over the years, Joan Baez became known for her essential take on the folk classic We Shall Overcome and it later became a key song of protest for the Civil Rights Movement. Listen to Top 20 Romantic Love Songs of The '60s & '70s by Various Artists on Apple Music. An old school surf rock with a vintage feel of the 60s. The Beach Boys, for instance, were associated with fun in the sun and often delivered exactly what audiences wanted. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) Four Tops • Four Tops Second Album. When that age begins and ends, what it means, and so forth is apparently up for debate as it varies based upon which astrologist is speaking on the topic. Its first big success in the US came in 1961 when the Tokens recorded and released it. As a Baby Boomer, I grew up in the '60s and '70s finishing up college in the '80s. With Page bowing his guitar, Plant teeming with lust and Bonham being Bonham; it’s quintessential Zeppelin and a screaming, distorted classic in every sense. Janis Joplin‘s raw emotion tearing itself her soul in Piece Of My Heart is one of the most honest expressions of humanity ever recorded. Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters 8. Good Day Sunshine. Play 3. Blood, Sweat & Tears. The song was written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of fame in 1999. The solo was a lucky accident and Otis Redding had supposedly planned to finish the lyrics before his fateful plane crash in ’67. The classically trained John Cale handled production adding the single note piano and sleigh bells. 1. The song is about a guy who doesn't believe he will ever experience love or that perhaps it doesn't really exist only to find it when he least expects. Top 20 Romantic Love Songs of The '60s & '70s Various Artists Play on Napster. The Youngbloods were an American group consisting of members Jesse Colin Young, Jerry Corbitt, Lowell Levinger, and Joe Bauer. The band consisted of Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith. Written by Lee Hazelwood, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ took pop to places it had only previously been fantasised about. Feel California freedom, sun and warmth, see waves and surfs crushing with thunder. 9. Play on Spotify. Doo Wap was still around, rock n' roll was in full swing, R&B was hot selling, and psychedelic rock emerged in the 1960's. Occasionally I like to share some nostalgia. Dylan’s omnipotence and linguistic strength have loaded him with a barrage of ’60s songs that proudly stand the test of time and have deified the artist in the eyes of the world. Happy songs / Upbeat songs / Feel-good songs / Songs that make you smile, dance : music from 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s 2010s 2020s - YouTube. This song’s sense of strained optimism, of hope in the face of overwhelming sadness, is almost impossibly gorgeous. 21.